Recorridos, Intervenciones y Situaciones

ZONA HIPERTEXTO extremist on-line art from Italy.

Autonomous Marxism: Italy in the 1970s. List of holdings at the Texas Archives.

Birdhouse: for years has maintained several of William Brown’s texts in its permanent collection.

Heath Bunting: English provocateur.

Bureau of Public Secrets: Ken Knabb’s translations of situationist texts. Very extensive. Weird: contains no pictures or paintings, only black-and-white comics.

Class Against Class: good selection of situationist, council communist, et al texts.

Copenhagen Free University: archive of Scandanavian situationists.

Cornelius Castoriadis: collection of writings by and about founder of Socialisme ou Barbarie.

Copenhagen Free University: Danish situationist site.

Debordiana: very large collection of situationists texts in French.

Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology: frontline street theater. freeware and net art from Italy.

Infopool: English post-situ site.

Jodi: extremist on-line art from Spain.

Attila Kotanyi text from 1996.

Las Agencias: bio-political antagonism.

Madagascar Institute: art collective that specializes in large-scale sculptures and rides, live performances, and guerilla art events.

May 1968 posters: made by students, not the SI. first on-line archive of situationist materials. Hasn’t been added to in a long time.

Pink Bloque: feminist dance-protest group from Chicago.

Point Blank!: first issue of post-situationist journal published in USA in the 1970s.

Radical Theater: links to radical theater groups.

RTMark: excellent corporate spoofs and satires.

Scandanavian Situationism: yes, you read that right.

Scenewash: weird, inactive subpage (ironically) devoted to Bill Brown.

Situationist International Online: translations of lots of previously untranslated texts by the situationists. Very comprehensive, but, like Knabb, weird for its lack of visual images.

Skater Anger: A New Generation’s Rage: clever on-line recuperation of cultural extremism.

Swedish archive of situationist texts and articles.

Nick Tallett’s situationist bibliography. Extensive. Unfortunately, no longer updated.

Ubermorgen: extremist on-line art from Austria.

Yomango: Spanish cultural revolutionaries.

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