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Situationist International – 1

Posted by Canto Rodado on April 11, 2012

Un documental introductorio:

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Videos Situacionistas

Posted by Canto Rodado on January 12, 2008


Toda la vida de las sociedades en las que dominan las condiciones modernas de producción se presenta como una inmensa acumulación de espectáculos. Todo lo que era vivido directamente se aparta en una representación.


Las imágenes que se han desprendido de cada aspecto de la vida se fusionan en un curso común, donde la unidad de esta vida ya no puede ser restablecida. La realidad considerada parcialmente se despliega en su propia unidad general en tanto que seudo-mundo aparte, objeto de mera contemplación. La especialización de las imágenes del mundo se encuentra, consumada, en el mundo de la imagen hecha autónoma, donde el mentiroso se miente a sí mismo. El espectáculo en general, como inversión concreta de la vida, es el movimiento autónomo de lo no-viviente.

La Sociedad del espectáculo

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Situationist Manifesto

Posted by Canto Rodado on August 9, 2006

THE EXISTING FRAMEWORK cannot subdue the new human force that is increasing day by day alongside the irresistible development of technology and the dissatisfaction of its possible uses in our senseless social life.

Alienation and oppression in this society cannot be distributed amongst a range of variants, but only rejected en bloc with this very society. All real progress has clearly been suspended until the revolutionary solution of the present multiform crisis…”

“…The church has already burnt the so-called witches to repress the primitive ludic tendencies conserved in popular festivities. Under the existing dominant society, which produces the miserable pseudo-games of non-participation, a true artistic activity is necessarily classed as criminality. It is semi-clandestine. It appears in the form of scandal.

So what really is the situation? It’s the realization of a better game, which more exactly is provoked by the human presence. The revolutionary gamesters of all countries can be united in the S.I. to commence the emergence from the prehistory of daily life.

Henceforth, we propose an autonomous organization of the producers of the new culture, independent of the political and union organizations which currently exist, as we dispute their capacity to organize anything other than the management of that which already exists…”


What would be the principle characteristics of the new culture and how would it compare with ancient art?

Against the spectacle, the realized situationist culture introduces total participation.

Against preserved art, it is the organization of the directly lived moment.

Against particularized art, it will be a global practice with a bearing, each moment, on all the usable elements. Naturally this would tend to collective production which would be without doubt anonymous (at least to the extent where the works are no longer stocked as commodities, this culture will not be dominated by the need to leave traces.) The minimum proposals of these experiences will be a revolution in behavior and a dynamic unitary urbanism capable of extension to the entire planet, and of being further extensible to all habitable planets.

Against unilateral art, situationist culture will be an art of dialogue, an art of interaction. Today artists – with all culture visible – have been completely separated from society, just as they are separated from each other by competition. But faced with this impasse of capitalism, art has remained essentially unilateral in response. This enclosed era of primitivism must be superseded by complete communication.

At a higher stage, everyone will become an artist, i.e., inseparably a producer-consumer of total culture creation, which will help the rapid dissolution of the linear criteria of novelty. Everyone will be a situationist so to speak, with a multidimensional inflation of tendencies, experiences, or radically different “schools” – not successively, but simultaneously….”

“… We will inaugurate what will historically be the last of the crafts. The role of amateur-professional situationist – of anti-specialist – is again a specialization up to the point of economic and mental abundance, when everyone becomes an “artist,” in the sense that the artists have not attained the construction of their own life. However, the last craft of history is so close to the society without a permanent division of labor, that when it appeared amongst the S.I., its status as a craft was generally denied….”

17 May 1960

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